'80s Movies

'80s movies with comedy, drama, suspense and love.

Couples who can't agree on what to watch on tv will be able to watch movies together that they can agree on!

Make it an intimate evening together with dinner, a movie, then soft music and cuddling.

The 1980s have a lot of different movies that will suit every taste.

Watch two in one night, one that he likes and one that she likes!

Romantic comedies became more popular during this time. It's important that couples be able to laugh together, so pick a few movies that will make you smile!

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The small commission we receive on your purchases go to maintaining our website.

We hope you find the perfect movies for your movie date nights!

Don't forget to take time at least weekly to spend alone time together.

Movies are a great escape from the demands of everyday life and give you snuggle time on the couch as you watch them!

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