Ideas For A Romantic Night

Ideas for a romantic night give you and your sweetie romantic evening ideas to enjoy together.

Alone time is essential for every couple, preferably every day or at least a few times a week.

Find adult romance ideas, bedroom ideas and intimate things to do.

Enjoy these night ideas as often as you can as a couple.

Catch lightning bugs - then release them.

Get a couple's massage.

Get out the telescope and star gaze together.

Go to a comedy club and laugh the night away.

Go to a jazz club together.

Go to the ballet, symphony or theatre and hold hands throughout the performance. Kiss during intermission.

Go to the drive in movies and act like you're teenagers in love. Maybe watch the movie, too!

Go to the local lover's lane and watch the sunset. Pack a sandwich or two.

Go to the movie theatre, sit in the back and kiss during the movie.

Have a movie night and watch your own home movies.

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Have a pajama party - just the two of you. Stay up all night watching movies, eating junk food, playing truth or dare and reminiscing.

Hold hands and walk along the beach as the sun is going down. Watch the moon come up together.

Buy a massaging shower head and use it on each other.

Buy a love seat for your patio for a romantic night under the stars and moon.

Buy heart shaped lights. String them on your patio and keep them up all year.

Check out the skyline in New York City at a top floor restaurant.

Every time you have wine or champagne, make a special toast to each other.

Get aromatherapy products to use.

Head to the Eiffel Tower with the romantic glow of the lights.

Rent some romantic foreign films to watch.

See Niagara Falls.

Try some aphrodisiacs.

Enjoy these ideas!

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