Inexpensive Romantic Ideas

Inexpensive romantic ideas offer cheap activities, good date ideas, and adult romance ideas that won't break the bank.

Budget lovers can do things with their soulmate without opening the wallet too far.

Romance doesn't have to be expensive, there are plenty of low cost ideas for spending time together.

At Halloween, tour a local haunted house. Stay close to her and hug her if she screams.

At the local fair, try to win her a stuffed animal.

Buy matching shirts and wear them together occasionally.

Buy one piece of your sweetie's favorite dessert and split it with him or her. Even if it's not your favorite, try it because your sweetie likes it.

Carve a pumpkin together.

Color Easter eggs together.

Each hide some Easter eggs, then look for them together.

Fly a kite together. Help her assemble hers and get it in the air.

6 colored easter eggs lime green, yellow, orange, purple, pink and blue

Get a paint by numbers kit. He does odd number painting and she does even numbers.

Go fishing together, bait the hook for her and help her reel in her catch.

Go on a hayride together. Bring her a thermos of apple cider.

Go out for a green beer on St. Patrick's Day.

Go to a church festival and play bingo together.

Go to an amusement park at night and ride the ferris wheel. Check out the lights as you're up on top.

Go to karaoke and sing each other a romantic song.

Go to the amusement park, get on the bumper cars and ram each other (not too hard!).

Go to the store, buy seed packets and start a garden together.

Go to your city's farmer's market and buy fresh fruit and veggies together.

Have a water balloon fight.

merry go round with horses
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Hold hands and walk through a corn maize.

If one of you likes apple pie, go to an orchard, pick apples together, then come home and bake a pie for the one who likes it (or do it together).

If you have a pool, have a pool date. Swim together, snuggle on a raft, call and order pizza and dine by the water.

Make each other up an Easter basket with each other's favorite treats.

Over the summer, go to the lake or ocean once a month. Watch the people, de-stress by the water and enjoy your favorite picnic lunch.

Put together puzzles.

Rent a bicycle built for two.

Ride the merry go round together. Get on separate horses side by side and hold hands.

Start a coin collection together.

Start a stamp collection together.

Stop in the photo booth at the mall for some fun pictures of the two of you.

We hope you find a lot of inexpensive romantic ideas!

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