Romantic Songs

Romantic songs are unique to each couple. Every couple should have an "our song" to call their own.

The romantic words can take you back to your first date, the day you proposed, your wedding day or celebrating an anniversary.

If you're looking for romance ideas or tips on how to be romantic, love songs need to be included.

As each song is special to each couple, different types of music are unique to each relationship.

There's classic romance music from the '30s and '40s, folk love songs from the '60s, love ballads from rock bands of the '80s, and modern romance movie songs from the '00s.

Lots of Emotions

A love song can be sultry, sad, heartbreaking, uplifting and motivating.

They speak of lost love, forbidden love, future love, hopeful love and "maybe we can try again" love.

If you want intimate evening ideas, play a cd filled with your music, snuggle on the couch with champagne cocktails, toast to your love and let the memories come flooding back.

Slow dance to the glow of candlelight as you cherish each other and savor your relationship.


Music makes great gifts, too. Do you sing? Fill a CD with romance songs.

If you write music, make the songs original and you'll win her heart forever. Ladies love men who sing! And, if he writes a song for her - wow!

Cherish your soulmate and your relationship forever. Say "I love you" every day.

Love songs from the:

romantic songs red rose on piano keys

They make great stocking stuffers, anniversary presents, birthday presents and are great for anytime you want to turn the lights down low, snuggle together, enjoy your favorite food and drink, and celebrate the one you love.

When in doubt, say it with romance music. Or, should we say, "sing it"?

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