Romantic Surprise Ideas

Romantic surprise ideas include ideas for a fun date, cheap romantic ideas, and free romance ideas.

Surprise incites playfulness in a relationship - couples need to be able to have fun together.

Keep romance alive by keeping your significant other guessing and looking forward to more fun!

Ask him out on a date that you plan. Keep it a surprise until you get there.

Don't write "wash me" on her dirty car, write "I love you".

Email her a line of poetry once a week.

Find out where his favorite sports team practices. Tell him you'll treat him to dinner, then drive to where the practice is.

Get her favorite love song on CD. Take her to dinner one evening. On the way home, pull over somewhere private, put the CD in, get out of the car and ask her to slow dance as the sun sets.

Go to a flea market and purchase an inexpensive item you think she would like. Romantic surprise ideas don't have to be expensive!

Hershey's kiss wrapped in a red and black foil

Have a surprise date by going to the restaurant section in your phone book. One person closes their eyes and puts their finger down. Where it lands is where you will go eat.

Hide Hershey's Kisses in her make up bag.

Hide Hershey's Kisses in his brief case.

Hop in the car, and without plans, drive for a preset amount of time. When the time is up, see what's around - grab a coffee, get some ice cream and make this "your place" to go at least a few times a year.

If she always cooks, surprise her with dinner one night. Order it, cook it or take her out!

Make a mess on the counter by spelling out "I love you" with mustard or ketchup in squeeze bottles.

Make her breakfast in bed.

Once a week, use stickie notes and say something romantic to your partner. Put them on the refrigerator, in his brief case, on the bathroom mirror, on the bed.

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